What is a frequency? How does one affect the human body? Why are they beneficial?

Holographic Chips communicate through the body’s electromagnetic field. Cellular communication in the body is partially achieved by sending and receiving electromagnetic signals, when the Chip is on the body it uses this principle to communicate an encoded message to the body.

A complex distribution network called the Meridian System supplies vital energy through every part of the body, allowing it to function properly. Disrupting the Meridian System may cause disease, breakdown of the immune system, and other health related problems. Nature’s Frequencies has developed a variety of Holographic Chips designed to combat these disruptive problems in targeted regions utilizing US Patent Pending Frequency and Scalar Wave Technology. Holographic Chips work naturally to support the healing and improvement of your health and overall well-being.


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Modern Testing Services – EMF Cell Phone Chip Test Results – Summary

Modern Testing Services – EMF Cell Phone Chip Test

Heart Rate Variable (HRV) by Dr. Joseph Teff testing Nature’s Frequencies EMF Protection

JTECH Tracker test results – High Performance Insoles

Heart Rate Variability Analysis – High Performance Insoles


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